The Paul Ramsay Foundation was established by Paul Ramsay AO in 2006 and since his death in 2014, it continues through his generous bequest.

We have chosen as our core ambition a commitment to help break the cycle of disadvantage in Australia.

We seek to identify and partner with individuals, communities and organisations working to create an Australia where people can challenge disadvantage and realise their potential. Partners who, like us, are committed to achieving lasting and systemic change to break the cycle of disadvantage.

To do this, we are guided by evidence and the perspectives of those with whom we work. We welcome expert advice and, as important, the personal testimony and experience of those who have lived with disadvantage.

In this way, we will continue Paul Ramsay’s philanthropic legacy for many years to come.

Since 2016, the Foundation has invested more than $200 million in more than 70 partnerships with individuals and organisations offering new ways to support disadvantaged people and communities and to achieve lasting change. These initial investments focused on health, education and early childhood.

During 2019, we reflected on the best way to achieve our ambition while building a team and grant-making capability. And so, in future, rather than working in a few defined policy areas, the imperative of alleviating disadvantage will guide our grant choices and partnerships.

Future partnerships will be organised around people and the places where disadvantage exists. We have commissioned research into the drivers of disadvantage in Australia to identify new areas for investment. These will be finalised early in 2020.