To identify partnerships for potential, we begin with an evidence-informed understanding of cycles of disadvantage and opportunities to break them.

We are guided by our three targeted ‘off-ramps’ and a strategy to grow capability.

We approach potential partners and work with them to shape the design of initiatives using our four investment filters to test the prospects for long-term change.

We then invest in our partners’ projects and provide intensive support because their success is also ours.

This targeted approach encourages long-term partnerships, regularly tested by independent evaluation, but means we are unable to accept unsolicited proposals.

1. Significant Impact

A successful outcome will make a significant and systemic contribution to counter disadvantage. 

2. distinctive and effective role

We can play a role that others are unable, unwilling or unlikely to play with realistic odds of achieving change that lasts.


There is a practical and meaningful way to track progress and success.


We can partner with people, communities or organisations in the relevant field that share our values, beliefs and ambition.