About Us

The Paul Ramsay Foundation supports charitable causes in Australia, with the aim of creating systemic change with significant impact.

Our Vision

Empowering people, enabling change.

Our Mission

The Paul Ramsay Foundation is committed to identifying the root causes of disadvantage and implementing strategic solutions to empower our communities. We will look to forge long term, collaborative partnerships with our peers, and fund scalable projects to grow capacity and enable lasting change.




Our Approach

We aim to discover the root causes of some of the biggest problems facing Australians, particularly in health and education, and to invest in projects that seek to implement systemic change, to benefit the whole community.


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Paul Ramsay was a successful, charitable businessman and a proud Australian. From humble beginnings as a land surveyor in Bowral, NSW, he became chairman of Australia’s largest private hospital company.

Paul spent a lifetime investing in good people, and his benevolence continues after his death through the Paul Ramsay Foundation. He bequeathed the bulk of his estate to the Foundation, to continue supporting Australians most in need.

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Board of Directors

The founding directors of the Paul Ramsay Foundation were selected by Paul himself, and were people he considered some of his closest friends and business colleagues: Michael Siddle, Peter Evans and Tony Clark. Since then, the board has expanded to include other passionate and talented individuals.

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We are committed to building a Foundation that is strategic in its thinking and partnering with our peers to grow the scale and depth of Philanthropy in Australia.

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