Our investment in the health of Victoria

21 Dec 2017

To create a new platform for health research in Australia, to help find solutions to chronic health conditions.

In November we were thrilled to announce Generation Victoria (Gen V), a $24.5m investment that will transform Victoria into a living laboratory. The project will ensure better health for Victorian children and their families, and will include babies born in 2020 and 2021 from across the state.


Our CEO, Simon Freeman, said the initiative will be significant because of its far-reaching effects and potential to unlock further research.

“We’re partnering with Gen V to give future researchers a platform and the infrastructure they need to base their research. This means studies will be completed faster and with less cost, translating to better preventions and treatments for all Australians,” Mr Freeman said.

“This investment is a great example of how the Foundation’s strategy will target systemic change and improvement in population wide health through research in Australia,” he said.

Gen V Project Lead, Professor Melissa Wake, said the unique partnership between philanthropy, the Andrews Labor Government, researchers and families was ground breaking.

“It will mean we’re able to connect up the fantastic state wide services and data sets in place in Victoria, and in doing so provide improved personalised support, as well as targeted preventions and care for children and families,” Dr Wake said.

“This is the first time this kind of data has been bought together at a state-wide level anywhere in the world. By doing this, we’ll be enabling solutions to diverse issues like obesity, allergies, infection, social exclusion, poor mental health and learning and other chronic health conditions,” she said.

Gen V will focus on prevention, as well as treatments, to ensure better outcomes for all Victorians, and in turn Australians – a key priority for the Foundation.