Our Charter


  • We aspire to continuously grow, and improve our understanding of the areas in which we work and the way in which we operate.
  • We believe that we also have a responsibility to the organisations with which we work – to help them grow and develop.


  • We want to be clear, open and honest about what we know and don’t know. We want to learn from our errors and share that learning.
  • We are ethical and responsible in what we do and have a clear policy of disclosure to manage potential conflicts of interest.
  • We do not exclusively subscribe to a single political or religious movement, group or organisation, and we are open to working with any reasonable political or religious groups.


  • We aspire to be known for what we do and how we do it, rather than for the size of our Foundation.
  • We are committed to using and sharing our experiences to grow the knowledge and depth of the philanthropic sector.
  • We will use whatever influence we have in a quiet and thoughtful manner, based on reasonable evidence.


  • We will instil strong principles of governance within our Foundation.
  • We are committed to developing relationships based on mutuality and respect, and will ensure that our values and those of our partners are continuously aligned.


  • We will look to fund programs and organisations that seek to challenge the status quo and will make a difference to people and communities in Australia.
  • We are prepared to fund overheads, giving our partners the opportunity to innovate and grow.
  • We are committed to using actionable measures and evaluation techniques.

We are committed to building a Foundation that is strategic in its thinking and partnering with our peers to grow the scale and depth of Philanthropy in Australia.

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