COVID-19 and the related economic crisis are causing widespread damage to human health and the economy. Unemployment, social isolation, wage loss, increased debt, business closure and slowing growth, are just some of the challenges government, business, households, foundations and charities are confronting.

Charities and foundations play an important role in our society during the best of times. In a time of crisis, their role is pivotal to how individuals and families experience the crisis and how they recover. Yet COVID-19 has also tested the operations of charities and foundations, presenting challenges that must be overcome for these organisations to be in a strong position to support people at this time of need.

Prompted by the need for better policy proposals to contribute to the national conversation on the role of charities in the COVID-19 response, Equity Economics have bought together key proposals from charities all across Australia.


Equity Economics: How to Ease Rising Disadvantage and Meet Growing Demand for Services?