Our mission: To break cycles of disadvantage in Australia.

Cycles of disadvantage are numerous, complex and greater than the sum of their parts; so too must be our efforts to break them.

We focus on the most stubborn barriers to change, where multiple cycles of disadvantage collide and experiences of disadvantage persist across generations.

We partner with organisations to support promising ideas and methods, scalable innovation and adaptive practice.

We promote better and more purposeful use of data to disrupt disadvantage.

We convene networks of experts which can help us chart pioneering agendas.

We aim to be as bold as the challenges we confront to enable people to leave a particular cycle of disadvantage. 

Building better “off-ramps”

People are trapped in cycles of disadvantage not only because of specific issues in their life like poor health, under-education and unemployment but from the dynamic interactions between those issues.

We will build a portfolio of partnerships around three cross-cutting off-ramps with the potential to disrupt and reconfigure multiple cycles of disadvantage.

Each off-ramp represents a transformative opportunity in an individual life. In aggregate, they become drivers of systemic change. 

Transitions to employment

Supporting transformative opportunities to access work.


thriving communities

Unlocking and amplifying the strengths of community connection, networks and belonging.

Learning Lives

Promoting the life-changing influence of education, skills and training throughout people’s lives.

Growing capability 

We invest directly in cultivating the capability of our partners and communities. This enhances our combined capacity to broaden the horizon of what we do. 

Growing capability means providing tailored support to nurture the strengths of organisations. We are flexible so we can embed at scale, drawing on local knowledge, independent research, and international evidence.

1. For-Purpose Leadership

We enrich the stewardship of the for-purpose sector by investing in organisations and their leaders.

2. Organisational Effectiveness

We co-design initiatives that build the long-term capability of organisations in the for-purpose sector, supporting them to fully leverage their potential.

3. Community Engagement

We nurture community capability to inform the design of work that affects them. Amplifying the voice of people affected by disadvantage lifts all of our potential to make a difference in their lives.

4. Impact Investing and Social Enterprise

We seed new social impact funds to release the flow of impact capital across the spectrum of social enterprises in Australia.

We match this on the demand side by growing the pool of financially sustainable, investment-ready social enterprises, thus de-risking that flow of investment to accelerate our collective efforts.

5. Philanthropic Collaboration

We need multiple agents of change to achieve real progress. We believe collaboration across organisations is essential to collective impact.