The Foundation’s Board of trustees has identified lack of education as a key factor in disadvantage. Through our work and our partnerships, we seek to improve access to education in order to strengthen the skills and competencies of all Australian communities. We’re committed to helping young people reach their potential by providing them with a greater opportunity to succeed, just as Paul Ramsay did by supporting numerous young men and women throughout school and university.

Our current areas of focus within education are early childhood education, pathways to employment, and strengthening the leadership and development of teachers.


Early Childhood Education

A report released by the Committee for Economic Development Australia highlights that early intervention in the education of disadvantaged children is the most effective way to prevent further disadvantage, later in life. Many disadvantaged children are well behind their peers in both literacy and numeracy by the time they start school. We seek to give every child the opportunity to start school equipped with the skills to maintain a good level of education, equal to that of their peers.

Pathways to Employment

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently highlighted that young people face the highest levels of disadvantage, compared to all other age groups. There are many factors which can be attributed to these statistics, including a lack of career dialogue in school, the lack of entry level positions for school leavers and a detachment from education. We aim to address those factors and partner with organisations who can provide opportunities for young people.

Teacher Leadership and Development

Outside the influence of family and carers, the OECD has identified teachers to be the number one influence on a child’s education. We believe teachers are the most valuable resource at any school. If we as a Foundation can develop a more robust, ambitious and leader-driven cohort of teachers, we can significantly reduce educational disadvantage.



We are committed to building a Foundation that is strategic in its thinking and partnering with our peers to grow the scale and depth of Philanthropy in Australia.

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