Disadvantage and low levels of well-being can inhibit a person’s ability to participate in the community, achieve success and access the support services they need. We want to see an Australia where individuals and communities aren’t subject to wide-scale disadvantage, and we’re committed to addressing root causes and developing systemic solutions to enable change. To this end, we fund initiatives that seek to help people transform their lives, and we adopt a holistic perspective on the factors causing disadvantage.


Drugs & Alcohol

The misuse of drugs and alcohol causes significant harm to thousands of individuals and their communities each year, and has a number of broader economic and social impacts. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in 2013 those who lived in rural or remote communities, the unemployed, and people in the lowest socioeconomic brackets were more likely to misuse drugs and alcohol. The Foundation builds partnerships with organisations working in the treatment and prevention of addiction to reduce the impact on society.


Indigenous Disadvantage

Evidence presented in the Closing the Gap report demonstrates that Indigenous Australians continue to face widespread disadvantage. Numerous measures such as life expectancy, school readiness, educational attainment, and the prevalence of disease and illness highlight the inequitable standards of living faced by much of our indigenous population. We seek to work with organisations that empower indigenous communities to break free from this disadvantage.




We are committed to building a Foundation that is strategic in its thinking and partnering with our peers to grow the scale and depth of Philanthropy in Australia.

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