An Investment in Teacher Leadership and Development

11 Oct 2016

Supporting high quality teachers and future leaders across Australia

We have the pleasure of announcing a long term partnership with Teach for Australia. The Paul Ramsay Foundation will provide a $8.3m investment over 4 years to provide the leadership and professional development elements of the Teach for Australia program for 450 new teachers for schools in low socio economic areas from 2018 – 2021.


We congratulate Melodie Potts Rosevear and her team on their increasing success over the past seven years illustrated in their recent report Our Promise: Tackling Educational Disadvantage and are excited to support Teach for Australia to increase their reach and impact by deepening their work in existing communities over the 4 year period. It’s an exciting time for pre-service teachers with the injection of funds into AITSEL in response to the Federal Government review in 2015, many schools, like Rooty Hill High School in Western Sydney are leading the way by embedding professional development within the school to develop a dynamic forward looking workforce, and the inspiring work headed up by the Mitchell Institute and Wayne Craig, funded by the Sidney Myer Fund, working with universities and schools in Queensland and Victoria on a new model of delivering teacher training.

Jo Taylor, General Manager, said “We’ve been talking to Melodie and her team for over a year to understand their approach to tackling educational disadvantage, exploring synergies and possibilities. Teach for Australia’s approach is strategically aligned with the Foundation, focusing on teacher quality and leadership and we are thrilled to be able to work in conjunction with Federal Government funding to support high quality teachers and future leaders across Australia. We are looking forward to hearing about the student outcomes as well as the teachers’ progress over the funding period and beyond.”